Zurhidon Stronghold
Level Requirements: 55+
Bosses: 4
Charionys I would say this is not a very hard boss. It has high damage & high dot, but that's about all you can expect from it. It has a few special abilities which can make you wipe.

  1. It's useful to try & interrupt all her casts to make sure you don't receive debuffs you don't want. You will always gain certain debuffs since they're instant, but you can avoid some as well.
  2. Every once in a while she spawns an add. You must kill this add (Just stun it, so noone gets hit), to avoid wiping. This mob always spawns in the middle of the room. So it's useful to not fight the boss near that. The mob also has a specific class picture. This class represents it's defense, magical defense and attack. Some classes will do more damage then the other. We always let everyone who's ranged fight the adds.
  3. If you're a bit to slow it will spawn multiple adds. It's important to kill the boss fast and there are 2 things you can do. Kill the adds or strip & die.

This is mainly a boss which requires high DPS and a bit of HP.
Lady Hansis A boss which requires speed and knowledge of other bosses. As soon you try to attack her, you'll get stunned and transported to middle. She can't be attacked. She'll spawn 3 bosses 1 by 1. This can be ANY boss from ANY instance (Snow Blake, Yusalien, Geba, Ancalon, Giant Life Leecher). You need to use the tactic you use at the normal instance as well.
Gotta be fast & precious, if you don't know the proper tactics for those bosses you will most likely wipe. Ofcourse there bosses damage is tweaked massively. For example, AoE from Ancalon hits for 5k per tick.
Once you killed all 3 bosses (Random) you can focus on Lady Hansis, has some nice AoE (pretty high) and high damage here and there, but shouldn't cause a problem. She also spawns snakes from the gates. These snakes need to be killed asap to prevent wiping.

Balothar A nice tactical boss if I may say so.
This boss has a couple of special abilities.

  1. It starts off with 1 of his special abilities. This special ability has 3 forms. He'll get a buff on himself, and 1 of his armorparts will glow. (Easier to recognise by checking the buff, since boss is turned around). When he has his feet buff, he will random charge people and leave a firepath. Don't step in it. You can DPS the boss during this buff. When he has his glovesbuff, he has higher damage on tank. You can DPS during this buff. When he has his chestbuff he reflects all damage. DON'T ATTACK DURING THIS BUFF! He'll cast 2 of these buffs before you go to the next special ability. He can cast 2x the same as well.
  2. After this stage he'll reset his aggro so let the tank get aggro.
  3. He'll now spawn 3 kinds of weapons in the room. From the side you went in there will be one in the left corner(closest to you), 1 in the right corner(closest to you) and 1 in the middle. It's important that you kill these weapons, or else they become alive dealing high extra damage.
  4. After this stage he'll reset his aggro so let the tank get aggro.
  5. A tornado spawns on the field attacking all players. The tank should turn the boss around (so it doesn't face the other players) and everyone should stick close together near the boss. As soon Balothar casts Doomsday all run it with the tornado. The tornado will interrupt doomsday. Once you done this run out or else you have AoE. If you don't manage to interrupt Doomsday you're dead. It's an instant kill.
  6. After Doomsday Balothar will reset his aggro, so let the tank gain some aggro. Repeat stage 1-6.

Between Balothar and Zurhidon Messenger you'll find a summon circle with 'yellow' mobs. Don't be the leroy and run trough and die. Don't be the leroy by random killing them. There's a tactic behind it. Kill the mobs on the sides. 2 of those mobs will drop a costume.

Let 2 players get the costume and stand on the place of the mob you got the costume from (Instructor must stand in 1 of the circles where an instructor is, same for the other side). The important thing is, the casting may not be broken, so there must be a constant 6 casters. If you don't do this, the Demon Lord will appear and instant kill everyone. Once you're in the circle, hit the costume and start casting with the special skill bar you got.
This is the time when your party can kill the mob in your circle. Loot the body (Which drops a costume) and move to the next circle. Let the player who got the 2nd costume stand in the circle, start casting and then the party can kill the mob again. Loot body, move to next circle, etc, etc. When you done this the barrier is gone and you can continue to clear.
Zurhidon Messenger
This boss has 3 Phases.#His first form. Not to much HP. This part shouldn't give you to much problems. The adds will shoot blue lines (Can't kill the adds) which cause a decent amount of damage. Must be healed by priests. Also try and interrupt every single cast the boss makes to avoid unnecessary damage.

  1. Phase 2, the Demon Lord respawns him. This is where it gets hard. Basically exactly the same tactic as first phase, but this time the Messenger will give the people debuff which cause a magical damage increase of 300%. THIS MUST BE DISPELLED, because the adds are going to fire the blue lines on those persons. If you don't dispell this you'll most certainly die. For the rest, the tactic is the same.
  2. Phase 3, the Demon Lord spawns and comes to fight. Tank should tank the Demon Lord and the rest should focus on the adds which become vulnerable 1 by 1. Kill them 1 by 1, at the end you'll start to receive some high AoE damage, but keep killing the adds. Once you done this the fight is over.

It's not smart to use Blood Arrow at this boss and I advise everyone to fully buff up with attack power and above all HP and magical defense.

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