Wood Cutting is a gathering skill which involves chopping wood, then using Woodcrafting to make it into something which can then be used to make furniture or weapons. It is started by talking to Woody Woods in the Pioneer Colony.

Wood Cutting Data Table Edit

Level Image Raw Wood Gold Timber Gold Lumber Gold Plank
1 Ashwood Ash Wood 2 Ash Timber 4 Ash Lumber 20 Ash Plank
1 Chimewood Chime Wood 3 Chime Wood Timber 6 Chime Wood Lumber 30 Chime Wood Plank
8 Willowwood Willow Wood 4 Willow Timber 8 Willow Lumber 40 Willow Plank
11 Stonerotanwood Stone Rotan Wood 45 Stone Rotan Timber 90 Stone Rotan Lumber 450 Stone Rotan Plank
14 Maplewood Maple Wood 6 Maple Timber 12 Maple Lumber 60 Maple Plank
20 Oakwood Oak Wood 8 Oak Timber 16 Oak Lumber 80 Oak Plank
21 Redwood Redwood 83 Redwood Timber 165 Redwood Lumber 825 Redwood Plank
26 Pinewoodicon Pine wood 10 Pine Timber 20 Pine Lumber 100 Pine Plank
31 Dragonbeardroodwood

Dragon Beard Root Wood

128 Dragon Beard Root Timber 255 Dragon Beard Root Lumber 1275 Dragon Beard Root Plank
32 Hollywood Holly Wood 10 Holly Timber 24 Holly Lumber 120 Holly Plank
38 Yewwood Yew Wood 14 Yew Timber 28 Yew Lumber 140 Yew Plank
41 Sagewood Sagewood 180 Sagewood Timber 360 Sagewood Lumber 1800 Sagewood Plank
44 Tarslindemonwood Tarslin Demon Wood 16 Tarslin Demon Wood Timber 32 Tarslin Demon Wood Lumber 160 Tarslin Demon Wood Plank
50 Dragonlairwood Dragonlair Wood 18 Dragonlair Wood Timber 36 Dragonlair Wood Lumber 180 Dragonlair Wood Plank
51 Fairywood Fairywood 248 Fairywood Timber 495 Fairywood Lumber 2475 Fairywood Plank
56 Ancientspiritoakwood Ancient Spirit Oak Wood 20 Not in Game Yet N/A Not in Game Yet N/A Not in Game Yet
61 Aeontreewood Aeontree Wood 315 Not in Game Yet N/A Not in Game Yet N/A Not in Game Yet


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