The mage Vahtos serves the emperors’ domicile of Haidon and holds the title Archmage. According to the chronicles of the Eye of Wisdom, he was already a Grandmaster of this association 200 years ago. Some people say that he learned the art of stopping age and death. Others tell a story that Vahtos is an only a name which has been passed on through the centuries again and again. Other rumors again speak of one Vahtos being a different one as the other Vahtos. But whichever of these rumors is true, the fact that Vahtos is the most powerful mage of all Kolydia does not change. The Vahtos Academy is a group dedicated to magical research. The most prominent difference to the Eye of Wisdom lies in the fact that their magical research is being done for the emperor’s domicile. The biggest part of their work is being held secret. And their members are often used as arguments by the emperor during negotiations with other organizations. Often such communications are handled just like the Eye of Wisdom, who also research magic. A little while ago, Prince Kendan of Haidon came to Candara and brought some novices from the Vahtos Academy with him to let them deal with certain assignments. It is said that Prince Kendan may be chosen to be the next in line for the domicile if he gets some support.

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