“Zurhidon” means “book of the true names” in the ancient language. However, Zurhidon is also a secret organization dedicated to a relic known as “The Zurhidon Stone Tablet”, on which the names of the demons are arranged in a magical circle. In the round center of this relic the names of the thirteen demon kings are displayed, thus is called “Zurhidon Ring”.

Zurhidon has an inner circle of 13 leaders, which is also called “Zurhidon Ring”. There are rumors that a mysterious rune called “Enigma” exists, which nobody can decipher. The leaders of the organization say that all of their actions follow the signs of “Enigma”. Whether the name “Enigma” applies to a rune or an actual person is not entirely clear. This group has long attracted the elite from other organizations, who seek knowledge and power. They have created alliances with evil races and have wiped out entire tribes in order to gain that which they desired. It is well understood that they will use any means necessary to get what they want.

Recently the Zurhidon have turned away from their discreet methods. There have been reports from all over about strange gatherings of masked men, of which some people observed and overheard their plans to infiltrate and destroy all other groups. Other rumors suggest that a few century old Zurhidon plan has reached its final stage and the world is on the verge of a catastrophe, the likes of which have never been seen.