Icon Skill Name Level Energy Range Casting Time Cooldown Skill Effect
Assasin 1 0 Self Instant 10 minutes For 10.0 seconds, all physical damage are critical attacks, and the power of critical attacks is improved.
Villainy Low Blow 4 35 50 Instant Causes 75.0% (+1.5%/level) of the main hand weapon's damage to the target, and if a Bleed effect is already on the target, adds an extra grievous wound for 10.0 seconds.
Laceration Wound Attack 6 35 50 Instant 6.0 seconds Player attacks the target's wounds causing 90.0% (+1.8%/level) of the main hand weapon's damage.Additional damage is done if target is bleeding or grievously wounded that was caused by the player.
Dagger Mastery 10 Passive Increases dagger damage by 9.5%.
Blindspot Blind Spot 14 35 50 Instant 6.0 seconds Attacks target from behind, causing 147.0% of main weapon's damage (Must have dagger equipped in the main hand and be behind the target.)
Numbing Dagger 16 Requires 1 projectile 150 1 second Throws a poisoned dagger that can numb the target for 30 seconds. Can only be used on Humanoids and Beasts. (Needs to be under the Poison buff; consumes 1 projectile, target awakens when attacked)
Poison Poison 16 Requires 1 Poison Bottle 1 second For 180 seconds normal attacks can cause poison damage to the enemy (Each use requires a vial of poison).Duration : 1 second , poison reduce the melee damage coused by the afflicted target for 2% for each strike( stacks up to 5 times)
Premeditation 18 20 Instant Makes your next back attack a critical attack, and the power of the critical attack is increased by 38.0%. (Cannot be used in combat.)
Hide Hide 18 Instant Hides the body, avoiding discovery from the enemy. Movement speed slows down by 50.5%
Sneak Attack 22 50 Instant Assault the enemy from behind, causing 120% of the main hand's damage, increasing by 2.4% per upgrade, and places both a 3 second daze and 6 second bleed effect on the target. Cannot be used in combat.
Blackmail Treasure Hunter 26 Passive Increases the player's and the player's party's chances of find item rate by 4.8%.
Vanish 30 Instant 10 minutes Vanish from sight for 20.0 seconds, removing all aggro and leaving combat.
Off Hand Master 32 Passive Increases off hand damage by 2.8% and chance to hit by 2.8%.
Sprint 34 Instant 5 minutes Increases moving speed by 9.5% for 30 seconds.
Evasion 36 Instant 2 minutes Increases Dodge rate by 9.5%
Combo Throw 38 Requires 1 projectile 150 Instant 4.0 seconds Throws 2 hidden weapons continuously. Each weapon causes 98.0% of projectile's damage.
Shadow Prison 40 50 180 Instant Binds the enemy's shadow, limiting his movement and skills fo 5.0 seconds.
Sharpen 44
Fervent Attack 46

Premeditation currently works on all strikes from any location.

Vanish will sometimes takes several seconds longer than normal to cause the rogue to leave combat.

Numbing Dagger restores target to full health when used.

Little Hint - Use Shadowstab -> then -> Low Blow -> then -> Wound Attack to attack. You get a pretty good hit.

Rogue General Edit

Icon Skill Name LvL Consume MP Cast Time Cooldown Skill Effect
Shadowface Shadowstab 1 0 1 0 Inflicts 11 damage points and causes a bleeding wound for 6 seconds (Must have dagger equipped).
Throw Throw 1 30 1 4.0 s Throws an assassin weapon at a target inflicting 60% physical damage.
Assasinweapontraining Projectile Training 10 N/A Passive N/A Allows the use of projectiles when Rogue is secondary.
Off Hand Training 16 N/A Passive N/A Allows 1-H weapons to be held in the off hand.
Agility 20 N/A Passive N/A Permanently increases dodge rate by 1.9%.
Nimble Hands 24 N/A Passive N/A Increases common attack speed by 1.9%.
Shadow Step 28 20 20.0 seconds 100 Instantly moves behind the target.
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