The ingame explanation of a crafting skill:

Crafting Skills include gathering skills such as mining, woodcutting and herbalism, and production skills such as blacksmithing, carpentry, armorcrafting, tailoring, cooking and alchemy.

Every type of crafting skill has four tiers of ability: Those at levels 1-20 are called apprentices, 21-40 are craftsmen, 41-60 are adepts, and 61-80 are masters.

For each crafting skill, the more experience you have using it, the more your skill level will increase. However once you hit the upper skill level limit for your tier, you will not be able to continue increasing levels in this way. Instead, you must first be promoted to the next tier by passing a special test.

Basically, you will be able to reach the apprentice tier for every skill. Howevers, only 6 skills can be raised to the craftsmen tier, only 3 can be raised to the adept tier, and only 1 skill may be raised to the master tier.

Professions are skills in which certain items are obtained through various methods. There are 9 professions currently in the game, each one specializing in its own set of items. Professions are divided into two categories: Gathering and Production. Gathering professions are used to extract raw resources from the world, which are in turn used to make player-made items by means of the Production professions. Gathering professions can only be used when the player is within gathering range of a resource, and production professions may only be used when in range of their respective tools.

Each player can become an apprentice in all professions, become a craftsman in 6 professions, become expert in 3, and master in only 1.

Gathering Edit

Luckily in this game, everything spawns back quickly, so you can do all the things below every hour or so, and the sheer amount of places to find these materials means that you will never run out of ideas where to look.

Acquiring Edit

Mining Edit

Ability to gather all types of ore to be used for production.

Woodcutting Edit

Ability to gather all types of wood to be used for production.

Herbalism Edit

Ability to gather all types of herbs to be used for production.

Processing Edit

Smelting Edit

Smelts all kinds of ore into usable parts for production.

Extraction Edit

Extracts useful powders or liquids from collected herbs.

Woodcrafting Edit

Cut timber into useful pieces for production.

Production Edit

Each profession listed requires Recipes as well as the Tools and Materials to produce any items.

Recipes are available from instructors near the Tools to be used, can be found in the Auction House, and are also dropped from some the creatures one encounters while adventuring in the world.

Alchemy Edit

Alchemists brew potions that can restore health, mana, rage, energy, or focus. Some potions also give buffs.

Armorcrafting Edit

Armorers create Leather, Chain, and Plate armor.

Blacksmithing Edit

Blacksmiths create Weapons and Shields.

Carpentry Edit

Carpenters create Staves, Bows, and Talismans.

Cooking Edit

Cooks make food that give buffs when eaten.

Tailoring Edit

Tailors create Cloth armor.

Other Edit

Gardening Edit

Planting various seeds in pots and waiting to see what grows.

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