Phirius is a group of craftsmen on the continent of Kolydia, well known for their construction and crafting skills. Since the age of discovery it has grown very rapidly, and its people are often hired to work on projects for the many well known organizations. They were, for example, very much involved in the construction of Varanas and the Obsidian Stronghold.

The many famous personalities among Phirus’s ranks have contributed to its success, but of course none of this would have ever been possible without the great architectural and business skills of master Phirius. The master of Phirius has been interestingly named Phirius for over a hundred years, even the outstanding skills of the master have not changed. The organization explained it with the following: “The master of Phirius must have exceedingly great skills, and be prepared to bare this name.” The mystery surrounding the master ensures that the name Phirius will continue to be talked about throughout the land.

What impresses ordinary people even more then the architecture, is their ability in diverse fields such as blacksmithing, carpentry, arms manufacturing, sewing, cooking, goldsmithing etc. This organization frequently ventures into dangerous places in order to collect rare materials. Therefore, all those in need of high quality weapons, armor or rare materials will be wise to visit Phirius, as anything that exists can be found here. How can Phirius supply so many diverse services? The official answer has been: “The organization is financially solid and has excellent techniques; therefore we are able to apply our skills to every conceivable trade. But construction will continue to be our most important business segment.” Perhaps this is the case, as members in Candara have indicated that they are seeking the assistance of freelance adventurers to help them produce these products and rare specialties.

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