The pet system (not to be confused with Cosmetic Pets) allows Runes of Magic characters to capture and raise companions which may be used to provide combat assistance, to increase the players attributes, or to harvest crafting materials for the player.

Acquiring PetsEdit

Players can acquire pets by capturing Magic Cavies, or by purchasing pet eggs from other players. Once a pet egg has been hatched, the pet can no longer be traded. Players can receive a small interactive in-game tutorial on Cavy hunting by speaking to any of the "Pet Hunter" NPCs (located in Logar, The Valley of Preparation, Heffner Camp, Varanas, Silverfall, and Obsidian Stronghold) and selecting "To Miller's Ranch." Once there, speak with Pykesile to begin the tutorial. Successfully completing the training will gain you a bound level 1 Rune Pet egg. You can also get a free Huntsman's Trap by starting the tutorial and then failing to complete it; but this will remove the option to trade Golden Eggs with Pykesile for pet enhancing items until the quest is completed properly.

Cavy HuntingEdit

Whenever a monster is defeated, there is a small chance that a Magic Cavy or a Golden Magic Cavy will spawn in the spot there the monster died. Once a cavy spawns, it will remain in the game world for five minutes before despawning unless it is captured by a player. Players may attempt to capture the cavy by placing a Hunstman's Trap on the ground and then herding or luring the cavy into it. Note that the trap is lost regardless of if the cavy is captured successefully or not; and that the trap will only remain active for 60 seconds. A player may re-attempt to trap a cavy by placing more traps if the first trap expires before the cavy does.

A cavy will attempt to move several feet every few seconds. The cavy will first attempt to move directly away from any players within a short range of it, making it possible to "herd" a cavy in the direction you desire by adjusting your position relative to the cavy. Second, if there are no players in range of the cavy, and the cavy is not at the point it spawned, it will attempt to move directly back to its spawn point; making it possible to trap a cavy by simply placing a trap directly on its spawn point and then backing out of range until the cavy returns to that point. Finally, if there are no players in range and the cavy is at its origin, it will simply remain in place.

Egg StatisticsEdit

There are three major attributes to consider when selecting a pet egg to raise a combat/assist pet from: Rarity, Element, and Level. Other factors to consider include the egg starting Aptitude, Loyalty, and Species.


Pet eggs come in five rarities: Wild, Natural, Amazing, Magical, and Holy. The rarity of a pet egg cannot be changed, and it directly affects the base stats (Stamina, Intelligence, etc) and "Assist" stats of the pet; and since raising a pet is a very lengthy (and often expensive) process, it is generally sensible to hold out for a holy egg rather than investing in a more common egg.

The level-up, or "Growth" modifiers, by rarity, are shown below.

Rarity Main Stat Secondary Stat Tertiary Stat
Holy 6 5 4
Magical 5 4 3
Amazing 4 3 2
Natural 3 2 1
Wild 2 1 1


Each pet has an "Element" randomly assigned to it (with the exception of Rune Pets). The element of a pet determines which stats a pet will provide the highest Assist values to, and will limit which other pets it may be merged with (A pet can only "eat" a pet of the same element or a pet of no element; rune pets therefore can only eat other rune pets, or pets which have had their element removed by a Neutralization Potion.)

The primary, secondary, and tertriary stats for each element are as follows:

Element Main Stat Secondary Stat Tertiary Stat
Dark Dexterity Strength Stamina
Earth Str Sta Dex
Fire Int Wis Sta
Light Sta Str Wis
Water Wis Int Sta
Wind Dex Sta Wis

These three stats are modified by the rarity of the egg to determine how many points the pet will gain when leveling up. For example, an Amazing Fire pet will have a base gain of 4 Inteligence, 3 Wisdom, and 2 Stamina per level.

Starting LevelEdit

The ideal starting level for a pet is determined by the amount of effort you wish to put into leveling it up. A pet which has a very low starting level will require more money and effort to raise, but if properly raised, it will have superior stats in the end. A high level starting egg will save you time and money, and is ideal for those who do not wish to invest heavily in the pet raising process, but still wish to get as much benefit from their pet as possible.


Aptitude is slightly less important, assuming that you're willing to raise the pets aptitude before you begin levelling the pet; and is the main reason that starting with a low-level, high-rarity pet will allow you to end up with a better high level pet eventually.

The reason aptitude is so important is that it acts as a multiplier to your pets base stats when it levels up - much like the egg rarity does. Specifically, the formula for determing the stats (Str, Sta, etc) is: New Value = Current Value + (Growth Rate / 2) * (Current Aptitude / 100)




"Pet Assist"Edit


Pet harvesting is a way to collect harvestable crafting materials passively, paying a cost in gold or diamonds instead of manually gathering materials in the game world with a character.

In order to begin pet harvesting, you need to have an unsummoned pet to do the harvesting (A pet cannot harvest and buff your attributes/assist you in combat at the same time,) as well as a number of harvesting tools. These tools are sold by the various Pet Hunter NPCs for 100 gold each and in the Item Store for diamonds. The upgraded Item Store tools have a larger stack size (999 instead of 99), but otherwise function identically.

Pet harvesting is initiated by opening the pet menu, clicking "Show Pet Information" if needed (the small triangle next to the X button in the upper right of the main pet window), and then selecting the Production tab. Drag a stack of tools into the labeled area, use the dropdown menu to select what level of harvestables you desire, and then press the green check mark to begin. The pet will begin harvesting and continue automatically until the stack of tools is used up. One tool will be used up every 10 seconds, and for each tool used you will get one of the three items shown in the lower section of the Production tab (either a common harvestable, a rare harvestable, or a "Mysterious Item," which has no use except to be sold back to a vendor for slightly more than the tool used to acquire it cost.) Like players, pets start out only being able to harvest first tier harvestables, and gain harvesting XP for every item they harvest. None of a pets other stats affect harvesting ability, meaning that a player may use a cheap, low-level, low-rarity pet for harvesting in the background; while using a second pet as their combat/assist pet.

Pet Items/Nourishment/Miller's RanchEdit

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