Knight Skills // Translation is not 100% correct as of now, but the big picture is all here.Edit

Knight Icon

See also: Knight Elite Skills

Basic skill
Mastery skill

Icon Skill Name Level Mana Spell Duration Cooldown Skill Effect
St shield Holy Shield 1 0 0 600 Every companion in the surrounding area will receive a shield, which can withstand all physical damage for 15 seconds.
India Holy Seal 1 4 0 2 Inflicts 20 damage points and places a holy seal on the target for 10 seconds (A maximum of 3 seals can be placed on a single target). Damage does NOT increase as the character's level increases.
Sanctions Punishment 1 28 0 0 Inflicts 100 damage + 20 physical damage upon the enemy when 3 Light seals have been given. Base Damage and extra Damage increases as class level increases.
Loaded Enhanced Armor 6 20 300 0 Armor stats are increased by 6% for 30 seconds. Percentage increases as class level increases.
Toughness Resilience 3 0 0 0 Increase stamina by 10
Shield intensive Shield Mastery 6 0 0 0 Shield armor bonus of 4%. Percentage increases as class level increases.
Corrections shield Shield of Atonement 4 6 0 120 The shield attack causes 20 damage points and the target can not deal out physical skills or normal auto-attacks for 3 seconds (The character must be equipped with a shield). Damage and debuff time increases as class level increases.
Shocked Shocked (Outdated) 9 15 0 0 Shock causes 24 light damage. Each seal will stun the target for 1 second.
Xiejia Disarmament 8 31 0 0 Causes 21 damage points upon the target and reduces armor by 4%; stacking up to 4 times. Damage increases as class level increases.
Defense skills Shield of Valor 10 30 0 60 The light's power will be concentrated in the shield and for 15 seconds it will block 5% of the physical damage (The character must have a shield equipped). Block chance increases as character level increases.
The chain Chain of Light (Rank 1) 10 24 6 60 A chain of light constrains a target for 6 seconds.Higher ranks can be learned at higher class levels.
Each new rank chains an additional nearby enemy (up to rank 3) Chain time is allways 6 secs.
Courage-shield Shield of Truth 15  ?? 15  ?? Become immune to Stun for 15 seconds

(The character must be equipped with a shield).

Shrove wall Shrove Wall (non existent) 18 250 0 60 Light build into the wall of repentance, through the wall of the enemy will have chances Stun 1 second and 3 seconds slowdown
Emergency unit Charge 18 120 0 30 You charge your enemy with a weapon in hand, dealing 70 damage and stunning them for 3.0 seconds.

Dammage increases as you level it.

Truth shield Shield of Truth 28 150 15 60 15.0 second immunity to stun.(Must have shield equipped.)
Courage-shield Devotion 36 45 15 60 Increases your maximum mana by 15 points.
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