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Knight Icon

"The steel wall!"

To maintain the holy law is the first priority for every knight. That is the reason they travel through the world ever ready to protect the weak and to defeat all threats they encounter.

Thanks to their militaristic education, knights can wield massive armor and use heavy weaponry. They master every fighting skill, though their real strength lies in their deep faith.

This allows them to call out the hidden powers of the light within the souls of every human. With this faith, boisterous combat power and their iron willpower, knights build up immense walls to protect everything that is holy to them.

Traditional adventurers, which hold their profession higher than their own person, are drawn toward life of a knight due to his strict Code of Honor.

Knight mini icon AttributeEdit

Knight Equip

At level one, a Knight has these stats:

Strength: 26 - Dexterity: 21 - Constitution: 28 - Intelligence: 21 - Wisdom: 19

Knight mini icon SpecificsEdit

Knights make the best tanks and can wear the heaviest armor.

They are one of the few classes that dare to throw themselves against the mightiest of monsters.

With their special light-based attacks and shield abilities, knights fight their enemies effectively and draw their hatred over themselves.

Knight mini icon TitleEdit

Squire => Knight => Templar => Dark Crusader
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