Howling Mountain Map

A map of the Howling Mountains

The Howling Mountains is the first zone players encounter on their journey in Taborea. Surrounded by spiky mountains, the Howling Mountains is home to lower class demons and various wildlife. Humans settled in these mountains, not hearing howling, but later on some start to hear it (such as Daisy of Logar hearing an enormous newt inside of Moongorge).


For quests in this region please check Howling_Mountains_Quests.

Pioneer's ColonyEdit

Pioneer's Colony was established by the Council of Varanas, due to the location's scenic beauty and rich natural resources. Soon after being established, mushroom creatures started to appear in large numbers, and the help of young adventurers was soon required so that the colony would prosper.

Pioneer's MineEdit

The Pioneer's Mine is an excavation site used by the Pioneer's Colony to extract the natural ores from the area.

Hidden Valley MinesEdit

Previously property of the Colony, it soon became overrun by goblins and the crabs they brought with them. Fearing collapse, the colonists quickly abandoned the mine in hopes of re claiming it some time in the future.


After the prospering of the Pioneer's Colony, the Council quickly rounded up some experienced citizens to settle further north in the Howling Mountains. The settlement bares its name from one of its first citizens, who sacrificed himself to protect of his fellow colonists from the demons in the area. His younger brother is curretnly the mayor of the town. Logar has since then started to become famous, along with its landmark windmill who guides adventurers on their ways.

Helen's FarmEdit

Owned by a woman named Mrs. Helen, she provides Logar with most of its day-to-day food supply. Bears roam freely in her fields, and they can be good training for lower leveled players.


Moongorge is a cave formed by water flow, and is considered by many to be of great beauty, with its waterfalls and bright colors. Currently it is inhabited by newts, and a famous "monster" that has never been seen (players will eventually find out that this monster is a giant newt, whom Daisy of Logar asks you to kill in the quest Things That Go Bump In The Night).

Sevaida WoodsEdit

The name Sevaida comes from an ancient word meaning "Power of Aeons"[1], given because of the Dead Tree cave within the woods. The woods is home to many dangerous bats and spiders. there is a rare item around the woods

The Dead Tree CaveEdit

A giant tree with a great opening stands in the middle of the Sevaida Woods. The opening leads into an underground cave, to which many spiders reside. One of these spiders is the demon Pirlanok, who has been banished within the cave, gaining power and waiting for his resurrection.[2]

The BarrowEdit

A place of former demon rituals, a great monolith surrounded by circles resides here. Kobolds lead a successful attack on the humans, forcing them to settle elsewhere. It is not known why the kobolds wanted this place.

Barren CavesEdit

The barren caves was the birth place for the demons of the Howling Mountains. Recently, it has become active again due to the demon Aeglin.


The howling mountains is home to many lower level resources, including:

  • Balla wood, Chime wood, Willow, Earth Vein wood (stone rotan)
  • Mountain Demon Grass, Rosemary, Wild Berries
  • Brass ore, Cyanite (Cyanide), Tin ore


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