Herbalism, also known as herb gathering, is one of the three gathering professions that can be learned by players. Herbalism focuses on the gathering of herbs, and their refinement into goods usable by other crafting professions. Players skilled in the use of the herbalism profession are known as herbalists.

Summary Edit

The primary purpose of Herbalism, like that of the other gathering professions of Mining and Wood Cutting, is the collection of various raw ingredients needed for use in crafting. Of these professions, Alchemy is particularly reliant on the materials one can procure through Herbalism.

Herbs Edit

Primary Article: Herbalism/Herbs

Herb collection is the most basic function of the herbalism profession. Herbalists can collect herbs from various resource nodes found throughout the zones of Runes of Magic. Each node can only be harvested by herbalists who have mastered the herbalism profession to a specific level.

Resource nodes that can be harvested by herbalists are signified on a player's mini-map by a unique symbol. [HerbalismNode]

Refined Goods Edit

Primary Article: Herbalism/Recipes

Herbalists can refine the herbs they collect through a process known as extraction in order to produce higher-tiered resources. Though these refined goods serve no direct purpose on their own, they are utilized in various crafting professions to produce usable items and equipment.

Level Name
1 Mountain Demon Grass
1 Rosemary
8 Beetroot
11 Bison Grass
14 Bitterleaf
20 Moxa
21 Foloin Nut
26 Dusk Orchid
31 Green Thistle
32 Barsaleaf
38 Moon Orchid
41 Straw Mushroom
44 Sinners Palm
50 Dragon Mallow


  • The names of the herbs are not always what they are while harvesting. Example: Bison Grass is called Aromatic Grass when you look at it on map and before it goes into your inventory.
  • Names of items may not be exact. Have taken names from recipe list. Please edit names if you see a mistake. :)
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