Heart of the Ocean
Level requirements: 52+
Bosses: 5


Bloodthirsty Claw This is a pretty easy boss. The tank tanks it where it stands, but turns it around, so the boss it's back is faced towards the other partymembers. Basically this boss has 2 abilities:
1. It spawns a jellyfish which uses a skill which drains your mana. These mobs spawn at random places near partymembers but will not move from position.
2. It spawns 2 Horsehoecrabs, they will attack partymembers. He keeps spawning these mobs so you have to kill them. For the rest when you have the time, just keep DPS'ing the boss. It's very close to a tank & spank.
3. A special skill named: Splinter Magic Cast. It's a skill with high damage and can be avoided by just going a step back.
Teeth of the Reef This boss has nearly similar tactics as the Rune Warrior in Kalin Shrine. Tank turns the boss around, everyone is in melee range behind the boss. The boss spawns adds, mages have to AoE these adds.
It also has a special abilitie which drains your HP 25% per 2 seconds. This buff can be outhealed. It only disappears if you're fully healed.
The rest just DPS the boss until it's dead. Easy tank&spank.

Jiasha This is 1 of the hard bosses for the healers. It has a huge AoE and nice damage on tank so they need to heal constantly. The important thing about this boss is not to just run around in the room. There's a small place on the right side of the room where everyone should walk to (stick together). When the walls pop up, it's just infront of these walls. Healers have to groupheal alot. Jiasha has high AoE, for the rest it will be a decent laggy fight, but all you got to do is DPS it down as fast as possible. Jiasha also random stuns people (if you're unfortunate you can get chainstunned, this is dangerous if you have only 1 healer).
Geba There are 2 ways you can fight this boss. You can fight it up. Or you can fight it down. Just make sure you clear the tables. Once everything around Geba is cleared all healers and DPS go stand on the table (up or down). The tank pulls (If you go up, watch out for the assasin downstairs). It's important to stay up to avoid AoE's and damage. Geba has 3 special attacks:
1. Whirlwind Counter Attack, at this point the tank has to kite, since it does some incredible damage.
2. It spawns a copy of itself, when this copy is spawned a random partymember will freeze (Never tank as far as I know). The copy has 90k HP and is easy to kill. Kill it as fast as you can, then get back to the main boss.
Pretty easy tactic, just have to watch out for it's powerful skills.
3. Geba's Rage, in this state it's better for the tank to stay back to avoid extreme high damage causing death. Before he goes into this rage, he casts sonic roar which slows down the partymembers, priests need to dispell this on the tank to make sure he can run around. Nobodies Rum is advised.
Medusa Clear the room before you start to fight her. Once you done that I would advice to tank it near the clickable stone figures. The tank will start with building up aggro. There is no need for any DPS to DPS the boss before the first soundshell. Medusa will random 'stone' people. Mages have to AoE the stone down, if you don't do it you will be a stone for 2 minutes. After 3 of those stone freezes Medusa will spawn a soundshell. At this point you need to go full DPS at Medusa. She has a shield of 50k HP. If you break it the soundshell is clickable and you can remove 1 of her debuffs. If you don't, everyone will die by an AoE. Once you click the soundshell (Only 1 person can do this, so decide who clicks it) you can click on 1 of the stone figures. The left stonefigure is to remove the HP heal debuff (Do this one first). The middle stonefigure is to remove the def and mag def increase. The right is to remove the stacking dot on you.
If you're slow with DPS at some point snakes will spawn. Kill the snakes to remove your debuffs.
The normal way is Left - Right - Middle.
- Kill all Drumpriests, they give the rest of the mobs extra power
- Watch out for assassins, they're everywhere
- Deep Sea Vermins, stand on them and you die, so avoid them
- Medusa's maids & soundshell guardians can't be CC'ed or stunned.

Have fun in the World of Taborea!

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