Hall of Survivors
Level Requirements: 55+
Tanks: 55
Bosses: 7
Raidable instance(12-man)
Andriol Since the bug got fixed, this boss became slightly harder, below you can find the proper tactic.
It's important to all stay at the bridge, closest to the side where you entered from. The tank will also pull the boss atleast to the middle of the bridge. Andriol has a few special abilities.

  1. It has an invisible stun for 2-3 seconds
  2. It spawns 3 giant horses at the end of the bridge which leave a place of fire behind them which ticks for 4k damage per second. ONLY 1 HORSE will not run. So there's 3 paths and 1 random path will be clear. This is completly random. Make sure to avoid the fire on time to avoid death.
    |-|-|-| 3 paths, 3 horses, only 1 stays where he is and will not leave a firetrace.
  3. The statues random shoot fireballs to the players.
  4. At a low % he goes Berserk, tank has to kite a bit and DPS have to do the last bit of DPS to finish off the boss.

Glamo Everyone has to stand in a line infront of the rightern statue. The tank will pull the boss to that line as well. The boss has no AoE so that's nothing you have to worry about. Before you start the fight, you'll need 3 CC'ers, the boss will spawn 3 kind of mobs. Horror Seeker, Hollow Seeker & 1 I lost it's name of O.o. They need to be CC'ed at their place to make sure they wont damage the group. They have pretty high damage.
The boss will also spawn 'Hunters'. They will random attack a partymember. They don't have extreme high damage, but they do have damage. They will disappear at some point, just like the 3 spawned mobs. As long you stay in the line, CC the 3 mobs & leave the hunter alone and DPS the boss you'll do just fine.
After you killed him, strip & die, the hunters have alot of HP and are not worth killing.
Guldamor The important thing with this boss is to kill after6 á 7 minutes of fighting or else the doors might not open.
This boss has 3 special abilities:

  1. AoE, so everyone has to keep stick together for the healers to group heal all the time.
  2. It spawns red balls (Like Uguda) which have to be killed ASAP. It's useful to put mages and scouts on this. If you don't kill the crystal ball on time you'll receive 14k damage.
  3. It summons a crystal which slowly goes towards him. Don't let the crystal go towards him, but kill it. After you done that EVERYONE can DPS the boss, because it will not spawn any Red crystals. After a while it spawns a new crystal. After you killed this, he'll spawn red balls again. This system goes on for a while.
  4. There are random placed circles on the ground. By standing in them you increase your DPS on the boss.

Vrantal This boss has a very huge aggro range, so make sure you all run in at the same time. This boss is a huge boss, it's floating in the air a bit. The tank tanks it in the middle. Every single DPS, ranged or melee stands as close to the boss as possible (The red circle when selecting him is big, if you stand in there you should be fine). If you don't do this, he'll kill you with his partical beam.
Next to that this boss has some very special abilities:

  1. At some point the boss will spawn 2 players up. You're transformed into a ... weird mob with some special skills which can be seen in a special skill bar. A tiny bit above you, you can see mobs. Kill these, every mob you kill is 2% HP from the boss.
  2. Down where all the other players are it spawns mobs as well. Mages have to AoE these mobs (make sure to reg the mages, since they receive some bad damage).
  3. The mobs down drop an item called Core Crystal. By selecting the transformed players up and using the crystal you grant them a buff which 1-hits a mob.
  4. At around 8 minutes fighting it goes in a ragebuff (Tank will most likely die because of this).

After the 3rd set of mobs the boss attacks again, but a 4th set of mobs will spawn. Kill these as well. This thing can repeat for a while. The players who were up are transported down again and need to correct their position a bit.
Zygos According to many people the easiest boss in Hall of Survivors. All partymembers stick together.
It's pretty much a spank & tank boss except for 1 thing. It sometimes goes in non-attackable mode and spawns a copy of every player. Kill the copies as fast as you can and after a while you can attack the boss again. Next to that this boss also random casts a skill which causes 5k damage to everyone (Meteor). Priest can easily heal this. That's about it...
Sydaphix&Mantarick A funny pretty tactical based boss. Nobodies Rum is advised here. This boss is actually 2 kind of bosses. The Horse & the person steering the horse. When you start the fight (To trigger it, there's an activation left side of the room). Kill the horse first. Noone has to focus on the the mob behind it. Please make sure to fight the boss in the middle of the room. This is important for the next step. As soon the horse is dead... 4 players get a color. In the corners of the room there are 4 crystals. Every crystal has a color (random which crystal gets which color everytime). Find the color fitting your buff (you have 8 seconds) and click on the crystal. If everyone does this on time... Then you can DPS Mantarick. If not... You can't DPS it at all. At some point it resets, and after a while people get a color again. Nobodies Rum is advised to make you run faster. It's a tricky boss and requires a bit of luck and speed
Andaphelmor This is a very tactical boss, but I personally think this is a boss which is really enjoyable. When you enter the room you'll see alot of different doors. It's important to write down which door has which color. Below you can find how it looks like:

Blank Gate--------
---------Entrance G--------
Blue is also known as ICE

Allright, this boss has 3 special abilities, it's always in the order written below.

  1. You need to have 6 players for the gates. Every player takes 1 gate. The boss will spawn mobs in the gates. It has a name... For example at the Gold Gate a mob named Purple Mob spawns. You have to hit the mob so you have aggro and take it to the purple gate and kill it up there. Then walk back to your own gate. This mobspawning is divided in 2x 3 mobs. Every gate will have 1 mob. Use nobodies rum to do it fast. If you fail to do it, you'll make partymembers wipe at stage 2.
  2. Once the 6 mobs have been killed gather up in middle so you can reach the gates fast. Everyone will get a color debuff. Go to the gate where your color is. Every gate where the right mob from stage 1 has been killed will have a portal. Stand in it and your debuff is gone. If someone failed at Stage 1 you'll die. If you fail to run to your gate at time, you'll die.
  3. 3rd Stage, everyone can go fight the boss now. It will spawn 3 kinds of balls. Yellow Ball - Melee have to kill this. Red Ball - Everyone can kill this. Green Ball - Casters have to kill this. If you fail to kill the balls on time you'll have a (stackable) debuff -10% physical/Magical damage or both. Everyone gather up at their places again and restart stage 1-3 until you killed the boss.

- The groups of mobs is just pull and CC (If you have a good tank, just tank all). The Elders can heal so their heals must be interrupted. The Rune Guardian Captains, searcher, etc can 1-hit DPS'ers or priests.
- Giant Guardians, just kill them. They have 2 abilities. Rune Reverse and a skill which is easy to interrupt (Some sort of Sword Attack on tank).
During his Rune Reverse don't attack the boss, because every bit of damage you do, will reflect in 4k damage on you.
- Giant Rune Guardians, there are 2 kinds: The rune version has a skill called Rock Split. YOU MUST INTERRUPT THIS or else the player who is far away from the mob will die. The other mob has an AoE skill which ticks 3x 1500 Damage. Just try to interrupt as much skills as you can.
Chopper mobs, tanks turns them around, it has 1 special ability, Spiral Assault, which can pretty much kill any melee DPS. Make sure to jump away when casted.
- More information coming soon

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