Groups, religions, organizations, guilds... there are many different ways to describe the different factions of Taborea. The fact of the matter is that civilizations without communities who work together for the interest of all don't work, or at least they don't profit. In the "Faction" section of the Runes of Magic website you can read more about the 9 largest, long existing and growing factions of Taborea.

The Eye of Wisdom Edit

[...]They have been gathering magical artifacts since the creation of Varanas, which have helped them, to develop many powerful spells.[...]

The order of Dark Glory Edit

[...]'Their members’ only means of surviving is mining and being mercenaries, as well as managing the world’s largest mercenary education center.[...]

Adventurers Guild: Silvershadow Edit

[...]They train everyone who comes to Candara in the arts of combat in order to be prepared for any kind of challenge.[...]

Guards of Varanas Edit

[...]Their main tasks are to protect the citizens and to uphold the order.[...]

Council of Varanas Edit

[...]He stands for an independent position of the Guard of Varanas and a working city administration.[...]

Ailics Fellowship Edit

[...]Today Ailics fellowship is one of the best research organizations of this world thanks to their vigilance and extraordinary teleportation magic.[...]

Vahtos Academy Edit

[...]The Vahtos Academy is a group dedicated to magical research.[...]

Holy Circle Edit

[...]In accordance to the Kolydia central Belief, sacrifices are being made for the God of Light and Justice, because HE is seen as the one who brought humans Law and Order.[...]

Phirius Workshops Edit

[...]Phirius is a group of craftsmen on the continent of Kolydia, well known for their construction and crafting skills.[...]

Secret Organization: Zurhidon Edit

[...]This group has long attracted the elite from other organizations, who seek knowledge and power.[...]

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