Equipment Repair

Level 4 Tutorial Quest
Zone Elven Island
Subzone Valley of Preparation
Start Womukray
End Womukray

Quest Chain







During battle, weapons will clash and armor will take damage. Even the best champions can't avoid damage to their equipment and the masters of this academy are no exception!

Therefore, whether it's before or after a battle, remember to check the durability of your weapons and armor. It's best to keep it above the halfway point. This way you can decrease the chance that the equipment will break.

If the durability is too low, go to a shop - any shop - and a merchant will quickly repair your equipment for you.

"Repairing Equipment I"
All equipment has durability. Through battles the durability will continue to decrease. When it decreases to a certain level a warning will appear to let you know that the equipment will soon break. When the warning appears, get to a shop as quickly as possible. Otherwise, when the durability reaches 0 the equipment will be destroyed!

- Womukray

Summary Edit

Talk to Master Womukray to understand what equipment durability is and where you can get equipment repaired.

On Completion Edit

You're a new student with some decent ability. You should come by the shop more often if you have the time. Even if you aren't buying new equipment, you can repair your current equipment...

"Repairing Equipment II"
When you open the Shop Interface, you can see a hammer image and an anvil image. The hammer is used to repair a single piece of equipment, and the anvil is used to repair all your equipment. Carefully check your situation, click on one of the images and the equipment will be fixed.

- Womukray

Reward Edit

  • Experience: 200
  • TP: 20
  • Money: 188 Gold
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