Epic Demon Blade is one of three Epic quests in Runes of Magic.

This one starts with Lola who gives the Treasure Hunt quest in Logar . It is only after completing the Treasure Hunt quest and agreeing to go see Marisus that the Epic quest begins.

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I'll put the whole quest chain in here as a reference. Please add the details as you go through the chain. Shadow X 17:41, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

  1. Treasure Hunt
    Speak with Lola (Located at 50.8, 42.9 in Logar). She will ask you to listen to the instructions. Just speak to her again to hear the instructions and complete the quest.
  2. Treasure Hunt - Stage 1
  3. Treasure Hunt - Stage 2 (a)
    Find the Locked Box in Moongorge and take it to Mr. Pumpkin Head (aka: Justin) who can be found just outside Moongorge. He will then Give you a small side quest to build a key that will open the Locked Box.
  4. Key Making
    Go to the mine west of Pioneers Colony and find two pieces of Abandoned Ore. Obtain one bottle of Special Oil from Mrs. Marian on Helen's Farm. Finally, get twelve doses of Newt Saliva from the Newts in Moongorge. Give all this to Justin of the Eye of Wisdom so that he can make the key.
  5. Treasure Hunt - Stage 2 (b)
    Return Lola's Doll to her after retrieving it from the Locked Box.
  6. Treasure Hunt - Stage 3 
  7. Water Dragon - Zanordoth
  8. Treasure Hunt - Stage 4
  9. Howling Mountains' Biggest Treasure
  10. Secret Agent Lola
  11. Lola's Recommendation
  12. Marisus' Misgivings
  13. Council's Request
  14. Secret Investigation
  15. Council's Request
  16. Assist the Guard of Varanas
  17. Non-disclosure Agreement
  18. Bury the Remains
  19. More Help
  20. Obtain the Rune
  21. Test of Rune Power
  22. More Runes
  23. Rune Power Test - Part 2
  24. The Search for Runic Knowledge
  25. Different Types of Rune
  26. Angry Holly
  27. Spring Water Delivery
  28. Difficult Task
  29. Zurhidon's Plans
  30. Information!
  31. Making the Cure
  32. Protect Fiss Gordon
  33. Fiss Gordon in Hiding
  34. Clue about the Legendary Sword
  35. Search for the Legendary Sword
  36. Mysteries of the Mine
  37. Looking for a Retired Soldier
  38. Searching for the Other Half
  39. Shaman Eno
  40. Eno's Test
  41. Spirit Compass
  42. Power of the Jade Valley
  43. Take back the Compass
  44. Planting Demon Vines
  45. Finding the Needle
  46. Heiger's Test
  47. Recover the Needle
  48. Using the Compass
  49. Compass Directions
  50. Search for Tatasha
  51. Pick I
  52. Finding the Tablet - I
  53. Pick II
  54. Finding Tablet - II
  55. Pick III
  56. Finding Tablet - III
  57. Pick IV
  58. Finding Tablet - IV
  59. Help from the Order
  60. Equipment Upgrade
  61. Lajos Halka
  62. A Connection to the Eye of Wisdom
  63. Will Do
  64. Shrine Ruins
  65. Infiltrating Zurhidon
  66. Chailik's Help
  67. Altar of the Winds
  68. Wind Spirit Fortune
  69. Bazzuer
  70. Get Ready for Battle
  71. The Legendary Sword - Eulogy of Blood
  72. Report to Marisus
  73. Guardian
  74. Visit Lola
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