Elite skills are special skills granted to your character based upon your choice of primary and secondary class. When you attain elite skills, they will be listed under your primary class' skills page. Therefore, when you gain elite skills, you will actually need to gain 2 skills (one for your primary class and one for your secondary).

How to AcquireEdit

In order to qualify for elite skills, your primary and secondary classes must be at least level 15 and every 5 levels after that (15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40). To learn the skills, you must speak with the trainer for that level, who will ask you for materials.

The materials are described below.

Level Trainer Materials Required
15 Listi Pursdn Zinc Nugget x 3, Mountain Demon Grass Sap x 3, Ash Lumber x 3 and 8,000 gold.
20 Listi Pursdon Tin Nugget x 3, Beetroot Sap x 3, Willow Lumber x 3 and 15.000 gold.
25 Fay Akjad 15 Illusion Crystal, Tough Crystal or Life Crystal (see crystals) and 20.000 gold.
30 Menqid Beman Oak Lumber x 3, Copper Nugget x 3, Moxa Sap x 3 and 28.000 gold.
35 Sisileena Chab 15 Ancient Spirit Essence, Study Essence or Mirror Essence and 35.000 gold.

Crystals Edit

To get level 25 Elite Skills you need to hand in crystals obtained in Forsaken Abbey and in Logar's Windmill. The crystals are not bound so those can can also be purchased from the Auction House or other players. (Logar's Windmill Instance Crystals are only obtained after defeating Hodu.)

The needed crystals depend on your secondary class, as listed below:

Class Crystal
Knight Life Crystal
Priest Life Crystal
Druid Life Crystal
Warrior Tough Crystal
Mage Tough Crystal

Essences Edit

To get the level 35 Elite skills you need to hand in essences obtained in the Necropolis Of Mirrors. The essences are not bound so those can also be purchased from the Auction House or other players.

The needed essences depend on your secondary class, as listed below:

Class Essence
Mage Mirror Essence
Warrior Mirror Essence
Priest Ancient Spirit Essence
Knight Ancient Spirit Essence
Druid Ancient Spirit Essence
Warden Ancient Spirit Essence
Scout Study Essence
Rogue Study Essence

Elite Skills By ClassEdit

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