Dungeon of Dalanis Level requirements: 57+
Bosses: 5

Okander "Mad Man" Mallen
Tactically easy boss, but he really hits hard and does massive aoe hits. Tank should have minimum 30k hp unbuffed and he always needs to turn the boss away form the party, because his hardest hit is a frontal aoe. From time to time boss will disappear from the battlefield and a black spot will signal the place when he will spawn again - AVOID this spot at all costs because its a 1 hit K.O.
The boss also has a large range and a close range AoE and randomly shoots fireballs to other players.

Experiment No.81
There are only 2 things you need to be carefull about. Boss will cast fear spell on the person with highest aggro, this fear needs to be cleaned by a priest, otherwise it will never end. The second thing is that the boss will summon 3 copies of himself, if u dont kill atleast 1 of them fast enough, the real boss will regen his hp.

Experiment No.203
One of the easiest bosses here. He will cast different aoe attacks which can stun you, put dot on you or "eat" your mana. If you stay too long in his aoe radius you will get a stone in your backpack (depending on the attack you just got) - for example, fire stone can dispell ice attack. But really this tactics is unnecessary, tank & spank is the way to go here
Prototype No. 114
Tank & spank boss with 1 thing u need to be aware of, sometimes boss will cast aoe which takes 90% of everyone's hp, thats why a healer must be prepared to heal up a tank very fast.
There are also 2 types of fogs spawning on the battlefield, one will improve your attack but decrease your defense and the other one will improve your defense but lower your attack ofc
You get 150 attack but you lose 150 def with every buff (or the other way) so those buffs are kinda useless also.
Maxim Erekat III
The only hard boss in the instance. He hits really hard (single target and massive aoe attakcs). There are 2 things u need to know here. At some point a big shield will spawn on the battlefield and everyone needs to run close to it. Right after the boss will stun 1 party member (his name will be mentioned on the screen just like at glamo in HoS) and will start a 3-4 sec cast which is going to one shot the stunned party memeber. To protect him, 1 person needs to click on the shield and stand between stunned character and the boss, you can also try to stun him to interrupt the cast (blasting cyclone, discharge and maybe more skills works here). After you have done it, the boss will fly up and become immune, also he will start spawning dark fog on the ground which takes 5k hp per tick. Everyone needs to avoid this fog, best way to do it is stand in one place and move in one group.

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