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Six classes stand ready to face the challenges of Taborea. Brave warriors, skillful scouts, agile rogues, wise magicians, noble knights and holy clerics investigate myths and legends in the shadows of ancient rune magic. In later stages of game-play every class can learn a second class.

In Runes of Magic the class the player chooses heavily affect the role he will have in teams or PvP.


Warrior Icon.png

"Wild beasts in battle"

Warriors feel comfortable in the thick of things - be it tavern or battle. Most of the time one leads to the other anyway. They meet every challenge with courage and a loyal blade. Good all around fighter but may be at a disadvantage to range attacks.


Rogue Icon.png

"The agile weasels"

Rogues feel at ease in the cities with their narrow alleys. Only in the cities they find the life and drive they seek. It is there where badly watched over purses can be found and a dagger is the weapon of choice.


Scout Icon.png

"Wanderers of the vast continents"

Scouts treasure the silence and the vastness of the wild, where their tracking and sniping skills turn them into dangerous hunters. Many a prey realizes this too late. Primarily a ranged attacker but will be able to survive in close quarter fighting if the attacker is a lower level. If not then i suggest shoot and run, shoot and run.


Mage Icon.png

"Masters of elements"

Normally magicians only grudgingly leave their teaching parlors, but on their quest to perfect understanding of the elements they are drawn again and again to ancient places in the hope to recover long-forgotten knowledge. Primarily a ranged attacker but can survive some close encounters if you combine this class with the priest class.


Priest Icon.png

"Medium of wonders"

Clerics are sent out by their god to help the faithful and spread the glory of the religion. Heretics and other enemies of the faith on the other hand will get to know their darker side. Primarily a healer class. Good for healing teammates but lacks any physical strength to survive alone. Only use if you fight with friends.


Knight Icon.png

"The steel wall"

To maintain the holy law is the first priority for every knight. That is the reason they travel through the world ever ready to protect the weak and to defeat all threats they encounter. This is the tank class due to having a large health and heavy armour they can wear.

Other Classes

On the official Runes of Magic website, users can see One more in the Classes section of the website. The class is the Druid.