Bloody Gallery

Location: Inside Forsaken Abbey

Time available: 10PM PST

start quests are: 1 Mage Who did not Return 2 Eliminating the Source of the Curse 3 The True Body of the Count Hibara

1 Description

Help Pete, the apprentice mage, and enter the Bloody Gallery to find out how mage Dreamborn is faring. Description My master, Dreamborn has recently been entrusted to research the Bloody Gallery which appeared in the Forsaken Abbey. But she hasn't come back for days now. I don't know how she is going on.

You already know, that... as an apprentice mage, I can't enter such a dangerous place. That is why I am asking you as a favor to enter the Bloody Gallery and find out how my master is doing.

2 Description

I have a trouble now indeed. The Count Hibara was afraid that I would take his secret to the Eye of Wisdom, so he cast a curse on me. As a result, I couldn't leave here. Then he sent the bats in the Gallery to attack me. But the bats couldn't do any fatal harm to me. So I was trapped here.

It is a pity that because of the curse, I couldn't fight against him myself. So please eliminate the Count Hibara for me to remove the curse on me.

Besides, the power of the Count Hibara is not to be neglected. You should find a good companion. It is safer to be prepared before you go to see him.

3 Description

Enter the Bloody Gallery, destroy the true body of Count Hibara, and help Mage Dreamborn dispel the curse on her.

   * Count Hibara

You did well, but the curse on me did not disappear… that is because what you killed was just the human form of Hibara.

Hibara's true form is that of a demonic bat. It was able to transform into human form due to some kind of powerful magic it received. I believe that when you killed the human form of Hibara, you saw a flash of its true form. But now it is hiding itself deep in the Bloody Gallery. You must break through the barrier halfway through to enter the depths of the Bloody Gallery.

As for how you would break through this barrier, I have yet figure that out. But based on the blood stains on the stone tablet in front of the boundary, I guess that it somehow involves human blood.

Please find a way to break through this barrier, enter the Bloody Gallery, and destroy the true body of Count Hibara. This is the only way we can lift this curse!

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