Ailic once was a magician of the Eye of Wisdom who specialized in the field of studying “the Magic’s space”. He established the foundation for modern teleportation and is openly referred to as the father of teleportation. The Eye of Wisdom actually wanted to offer him a leading position but when the messenger arrived at his room, he was already gone. The reason for this unannounced farewell is still unknown. One year after this incident, a group known as “Ailics Fellowship” came to exist, gathering people from most of the different heritages and races. According to them, they used to be only a gathering of defied and weak individuals without prospect of advancement. But suddenly a mage appeared who changed their destiny. He gave them knowledge and friendship as a gift and would later on lead them to an unknown place of bliss. This disciple of magic called himself Ailic and therefore this gathering of people was named “Ailics Fellowship”, whose goal it is to research any knowledge through their own power. In the beginning people mistrusted them, but since they openly shared their spoils of work they slowly gained acceptance and the first aspirants began to join them. Today Ailics fellowship is one of the best research organizations of this world thanks to their vigilance and extraordinary teleportation magic. The members of Ailics Fellowship are usually the first to appear and start their research at mysterious places. There are many members of despised races among them, which holds a hope to a future that many do not understand.

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